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How to care for your oil painting

The endurance of your oil painting depends on certain measures. There are certain steps to be taken while owning an oil painting. Since oils are one of the most sensitive means of artistic media, damages could take place frequently. Damage results while handling, hanging, cleaning and storage of the artworks as,

  • The cracking of paint,
  • Distortions of the canvas,
  • Fading and discoloration of the painting
Here are some preventive measures to handle Oil Paintings.
  • Always hold the Oil Painting from the back of the stretcher bar to prevent displacement of the canvas and damaging it.
  • Make sure it is sealed and insulated.
  • Bubbles wrap your painting even if moving it in a protective portfolio.
  • A risky thing is to clean your painting. Use a lint free silk cloth or a soft brush to clean your painting.
  • Moreover it is best to depend on experts and professionals to help with full cleaning and/or repair.

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